Let’s help you find, train and
retain top female talent

From Lagos to Accra, Abuja to Abidjan and Ibadan to Dakar our community of ambitious, high performing and career savvy women is growing daily! We are your HR recruitment partner helping you attract Africa’s top female talent for a competitive workforce.

Attract and retain Africa's Top Female Talent

Africa is filled with ambitious, qualified and exceptional female talent! And they are part of the 9to5chick community. From helping you craft female friendly policies that help you to achieve your gender diversity targets, to identifying the right candidates that fit pre qualified criteria and providing soft skill development and training opportunities which ensure diversity in your talent pipeline, we've completely taken out all the guess work from your recruitment process.

Brand activations and marketing

We know what women want! We’ve been working with and for women for a while and that’s why we are able to create tailor made activations through marketing and social media campaigns, events, physical and online learning workshops and materials to cater specifically to your target market.

Learning & Development

A competent and self driven workforce is a great asset to any organisation. Our training programmes carry a strong ethos of professional and personal development, thereby creating leaders in the workplace.

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From targeted job posting, discounted learning and development opportunities to free webinars and access to various career development resources, there are multiple benefits to becoming a corporate member.

  • Let's organize branded development workshops
  • Find more resourceful applicants for your business
  • Organize periodic events within our network
  • Find more creative ideas for your projects
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